Work With Me

12 Week Nutritional Counseling Package

With this package you will receive:

A one-on-one 90 minute Consultation with Justine. Here, Justine will:

• Discuss her assessment of your Diet & Lifestyle Questionnaire and identify specific areas of improvement.
• Review your 7 Day Diet & Lifestyle Journal with you, and offer direct feedback on what strategies to continue or implement.
• Educate you on the Bredesen Protocol, and the Ketogenic Diet so that you have a clear understanding of why it’s important for healing.
• Provide approved food list, along with instruction regarding the proper preparation of foods—because how you select, store and prepare your meals is really important.
• Offer nutrient recommendations to optimize brain healing.

A personalized, made-for-you 2 Week Meal Plan:

• Based on your initial Consultation and any known food allergies or sensitivities you may have, Justine will prepare a meal plan equipping you with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — 42 recipes in all!
• You will receive this specified Meal Plan within 7 days of your Consultation.

You will also receive:

• Five 30 minute Support Sessions.
• Continued support from Justine. This is crucial to your wellness success—that’s why Justine will meet with you—via phone, Zoom, or Skype—over the course of the twelve week period.
• In each meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to ask away—because it’s inevitable: as you embark on your AIP journey, you will have questions!
• Weekly Check-Ins.

At the end of each week—following your submission and Justine’s review of your Diet & Lifestyle Journal—she will email specific suggestions for further healing.

To begin your journey with Justine, call: 403-805-8095.
And there’s more…

Should you want additional support, Justine also offers the following services:

The Shopping Experience

Join Justine on Community Natural Foods field trip—just you and Justine! During this one-on-one tour and “class,” you’ll learn: how to read labels (because they are important, which brands to buy (because they’re definitely not all created equal), and how to tackle the produce section (because, let’s face it, it can be overwhelming!).

The Food Preparation and Cooking Experience

In this full-day, one-on-one experience, you’ll make five therapeutic meal recipes together and in the comfort of your own home. You’ll see, touch, and feel those best “cooking practices” for yourself, and learn first-hand how to optimize your nutrition in the kitchen.

You will walk away from this informative (and fun) day together with a fridge and freezer full of food—and the know-how and confidence to do it next week, too.

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3 comments on “Work With Me

  1. Hi there! My son has currently been on GAPS for 6 weeks and doing well! We are still on intro stage 1, just about to attempt stage 2 however I find myself having a lot of questions I struggle to find answers for on GAPS facebook communities or even from our naturopath. Right now I’m trying to come up with more fermented foods to increase natural probiotics and at the same time decide whether or not something like BioGut or Prescript assist are necessary. Please let me know if this is something you could help me with! Thanks so much!

  2. Hello Justine! It’s Hailey from way back in our Redtail days. I follow you on Instagram and love seeing your posts. Thinking about wanting to learn more about my own nutritional needs, etc. Just wondering about your nutritional counselling program! Do you know if any of your clients have been able to get it covered?

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