Client Testimonials

” What an amazing gift it has been to meet you and have you come into our home and cook for us. You have motivated and inspired me in my own culinary feats. I am so grateful for all the wisdom you so openly share with me! I am in my own mini nutrition university having you in my home to ask questions and sound things off. It has been such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! I can’t wait to have you again very soon! “

– Colleen, Greg, Abby and Eden

“Justine has helped take difficult dietary adjustments necessary for our son’s health and make them something positive. Our son eagerly eats the meals Justine prepares and looks forward to sampling new dishes each time she comes. Not only is her food absolutely delicious, she is a truly caring and wonderful person as well.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her chef services to anyone.
Thanks for all your help Justine!”

– Dan & Catherine

“We were struggling to feed both our son and daughter who were both on GFCF diets. When our son was also put on a SCD/low oxalate diet, we felt completely overwhelmed. Thank goodness that Justine came along and rescued us! With Justine’s meals and baked goods, we are able to keep everyone happy and our son no longer complains of being deprived. Her tasty and creative dishes allow us to sit and enjoy dinner without having to worry about whether it is legal. Her positive attitude and warm personality make us feel like we are being taken care of.
We would recommend Justine’s service to anyone who needs help with special diets.”

– Richard and Melanie

“Thank you for your incredibly fast response for Sarah’s SCD Diet meal plan.  It will help her a lot to have this to follow. It was so lovely to meet you, your passion for food, health and genuine caring of people’s health shines brightly!! Thanks for being you and for doing what you do. All the Best,”

– Judy and Sarah

“Thank you so much for all the food -it is amazing. You are such an amazing person.”

– Norma

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